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Anonymous asked: ethnicity?

black & Vietnamese and a bunch of other things

My ma never raised me, she actually forgot, n as soon as daddy left for the cell shit, it hit the spot, I raised myself n promised that thru the sickness n wealth, that I’d never let my siblings depend their happiness on someone else, therapy ain’t shit to me, yet my moms trynna get me to go, what in the world makes u think I need help, where was that shit 5 years ago? I never really trust cause she’s never trusted me, how the fuck u expect me to open up when all you do is scream? How am I suppose to tell you that I try and kill myself in my dreams? Knowing before I put my head down on that pillow, it’s reality, I wake up every mornin and the tears come again, like fuck ma, what part of depressed do you not understand? I’ve cut and I’ve bled, so many times it’s like a hobby, don’t fucking ask me what’s wrong when you’re the one who robbed me, of the love for myself, the happiness and the pride, all I know is that I’m too young to feel like I’m done with being alive.